Ceiling Arrangements with Helium Balloons in Sydney

Ceiling balloons include quality latex balloons filled with helium and tied with strings. They are a great way to add some colour to the party venue. Quality Helium Balloons are available from us in different colour shades and different colour tones ie, Standard, Crystal, Metallic Colours and soft pearls. Balloonart’s talented artists can do Ceiling Helium Balloon Decorations and Delivery for special events, occasions and functions in Sydney

It’s not important to hold a party outdoors or in a very big party space indoors to make it look magnificent and grand. Your next party might very well be organized in a small hall or in a limited space of the living room of your home and still look majestic. For this, we can literally get you covered with our helium balloon decorations, specially crafted for ceilings. Imagine a limited space turned into a beautiful, colourful heaven above every guest’s head!

So, how can a balloon ceiling make any party space look just so grand? First, a balloon ceiling will impart an extra layering of texture in the space, second, it will look very colorful and, not to forget, will also reflect light in colorful, different directions; third, as air moves the balloons in various directions over the ceiling, the look will impart more buoyance and excitement in the party.

This surpassed method of balloon decor makes use of latex balloons filled with helium and are tied with strings. As these are stuck on the ceiling, pretty laces and ribbons can be hung down to give a more colorful look. If you are partying in a big space and still want to economically and sparingly make use of ceiling balloons, think of marking some central area in your party, like the dance floor, over which you can create the balloon ceiling.


Not only do we, at Balloon Art, deliver helium balloons in Sydney so that you can make your creative streak run and do the balloon ceiling but we can also do it for you. We have done many balloon ceilings in the past, matching the overall decor of the parties. We have got birthday parties, anniversaries, and even corporate parties covered with the helium filled balloon ceilings.

Blow picture is a great example of helium filled balloons of pearl white colour. It really adds class to your formal function. Depending on the theme of your party you can either choose helium balloons with pearl white colour or some other single colour tone. Else we can mix a myriad of coloured balloons to give a great look to your party. So if you are looking for Ceiling Helium Balloons Delivery in Sydney, get in touch with us at Balloonart.

Contact us to arrange helium balloon decorations at your event venue to go with your selected theme. We can provide decorations for all kinds of themes. So whether your parties and events are based on the latest trending themes or on something else such as your favourite movie, song, celebrity, cartoon we can set up a matching decoration.

Photos of Ceiling Helium Balloons

Enquire now in full confidence to find out how Balloon Art Sydney can make your party venues stand out.

Beautiful chair & table covers along with centrepieces, topiary arrangements, balloon arches, columns, ceiling balloons, letter and number balloons and giant latex balloons comprehensively decorate any party venue. Enquire now in full confidence to find out how Balloon Art Sydney can make your party venues stand out. Hire us to see the difference we make to your parties. Numerous clients have already experienced our top class designs and 5 star customer service.